How many beads will a package of the polymer make?
Approximately 2 quart.
How do I inflate my water beads?
Add a package of the dry beads to about 1/2 gallon of water.
Let it stand for about 6-8 hours (overnight is great).
The beads will swell up to about 3/4” diameter and increase their weight by approximately 50 times.
Now you have a large bowl or vase of sparkling water beads.
Add candles, flowers or some plants, finished!
Can I put candles into the water beads?
Water beads work great with candles and floral arrangements.
How do I clean my water beads?
Using a mild dish soap, just a few drops in a gallon of water and gently rinse your crystal beads. Check our blog for more details on how to maintain a clean and beautiful display.
Can I use with my live house plants?
Suggested plants include arrowroot, bamboo, Chinese evergreen, dragon plant, dracaena, palms, spider plants, dieffenbachia, philodendrons, and some orchids. DO NOT USE with cactus, or succulents.
How do I dispose of unwanted water beads?
To dispose of unwanted beads it is best to try and crush them and then mix into soil for use in flower beds and gardens. The gel beads are a great additive for potting and garden soils. Water beads are a non-toxic polymer substance that will not harm plants, grass or soil and will assist with watering during dry season.

CAUTION! Water beads are extremely slippery when spilled. Never flush or pour beads down the drain, swelling could possibly clog drain pipes. Also, do not simply throw them in the trash as it is unknown what they could clog in the garbage system.

How long will the crystals last?
Length of life for decorative purposes if they are cared for properly is approximately 1-2 years. If mixed in soil, it is a bit harder to determine, you will usually not see them again unless churning the soil. Since they are colored throughout they do not fade like some of the lessor quality beads available. If they start to shrink, it is simply a loss of hydration and all that you will need to do is add water.
Is it safe for kids to use?
Water-beads are a polymer gel and is non-toxic, ecologically neutral. Although non-toxic it should never be consumed or taken internally, just as it would clog drain pipes it would have a similar effect on the human body, it should never be used by children without constant adult supervision.
How many colors of Water Beads are available?
Eleven individual colors. (My son corrected me, 10 colors and clear, 11 choices.) All colors of our aqua beads are available in a dry form.
Will Water Beads stain my clothing, furniture, or carpet?
No. Aqua Water Beads are colorfast. This means that, when the gems dehydrate, the color stays with them. They will not stain other items, nor will they discolor water.
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